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As dog owners ourselves, we understand how stressful it can be to leave your dog whilst you go on holiday. Your dog is part of your family, so when choosing a boarding kennels it is important that both you and your dog are happy and comfortable with the environment. Our main objective is to provide a safe, clean and loving environment for all our guests in purpose built, comfortable accomodation.
We welcome owners to come and meet the staff and look around the kennels at any time during our opening hours, no need to make an appointment. Our customers appreciate that we live on the premises for added security and enabling continuity of care throughout the night.



The original kennel block has 25 individually heated, spacious kennels with access to individual covered runs. The added extension kennel block has 11 indoor heated kennels which includes 3 larger kennels enabling us to cater for the larger families and larger breeds. We like to try and accommodate your dogs in the kennel that you feel will be most suitable; if you have a specific request for kennel arrangements we will endeavour to accommodate this.We have 3 large purpose built isolation kennels in a separate building, all individually heated to provide a warm and quiet environment for those dogs needing to use the facilities.Cleanliness and hygiene at Crosslands is of utmost importance. Part of our daily cleaning routine includes kennels and runs being checked and washed twice a day or as required. Once a kennel has been vacated, both the kennel and run are carefully cleaned, ready for the next guest.

N.B All dogs are kennelled individually and will not be mixed with dogs from different families. Dogs from the same family are normally kennelled together unless owners specify otherwise

Bedding & Toys

We provide plastic beds for your dog to sleep in, we do not mind if you wish to bring any bedding or toys to make your dog feel more at home. We do request however, that any bedding brought is suitable for a standard washing machine/tumble drier. We strongly advise against bean bags and feathered quilts/cushions as these may present a choking hazard if ripped by the dog.



During their stay, dogs are fed twice a day, unless otherwise specified by the owner. Water bowls are rinsed and refreshed daily, and topped up when necessary throughout the day. We provide our own feeding bowls and also have bowls with stands for dogs that are advised to eat their food risen above floor level.
We feed the dogs on Purina Pro Plan, a very high-quality brand of dry, complete dog food and stock a range suitable for different dogs. If you would like to keep your dog on the same diet they have at home, or they require a special diet, please bring sufficient food for their stay and provide instructions on any special feeding procedures required. N.B Please advise the staff of any food allergies/ intolerances when your dog arrives. We don’t object to treats, bones etc. providing your dog is not possessive over them and they will not present a choking hazard.


During their stay, dogs are exercised twice a day. Your dog will either be lead walked or allowed to run in one of our enclosed secure paddocks. We always allow adequate time for digestion before exercise.All dogs are exercised individually and will not be exercised with dogs from different families. Dogs from the same family are normally exercised together unless owners specify otherwise. Should you wish your dog to be exercised with a family/ friend/ neighbour’s dog whilst they are both in kennels, Crosslands requires written permission from both dog owners prior to the kennel stay.



Crosslands Kennels, Llandow, Nr Cowbridge, Vale of Glamorgan, CF71 7PY


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