Hydrotherapy Facilities

The Pool

Canine pools are heated between 26°C- 30°C. This temperature is used to increase circulation and relax the muscles helping to prevent further strain or injury in a non-weight bearing environment. Our pool is 3.8m x 2m, allowing us to comfortably swim dogs of all sizes. All dogs will wear a CHA approved buoyancy aid or harness whilst swimming.
Swimming a dog in the hydrotherapy pool will use the muscles required for movement, but without the ‘shock-wave’ that occurs when limbs impact on solid ground. The buoyancy of the water offers non-impact, stress free support to muscles and joints, and the warm water helps to relieve swelling and stiffness. This allows for increased range of movement, helping to work injured limbs and improve muscle tone in a controlled environment, without the risk of further strain or injury.

The pool has a variable strength jet system. When the dog is strong and and able, this allows us to increase the resistance against their swimming movement, improving muscle tone and helping to strengthen limbs. The increased resistance when swimming against the jets can also help to improve cardiovascular fitness. N.B. Jets are only used for those dogs able to cope with the extra resistance. Recent injuries and immediate post-surgical cases will not swim with jets.

The Treadmill

We use the aquatic treadmill to re-introduce weight bearing exercise to an injured limb, whilst providing the benefits of warm water. The adjustable water level allows the hydrotherapist to encourage good flexion, extension and overall range of movement in a reduced weight-bearing environment, with minimal stress to injured limbs. The treadmill is particularly useful for post-surgical cases as it allows for careful control over the amount of work being acheived by the dog.Joint articulation in the lower limbs is considerably less when a dog.is swimming, therefore walking a dog on the treadmill can encourage good use of the lower limb and associated muscles. The All dogs using the treadmill will wear a CHA approved harness for safety, ensuring that we have control at all times.

Showering and Drying

All dogs at Crosslands Hydrotherapy Centre will be showered thoroughly, by our hydrotherapist, prior to the session to remove any organic matter from their coats. They will also receive a shower after the session, to rinse the sanitised water from their coats. All dogs will be dried off either using towels or the dryer. If your dog has a jacket/coat, we recommend you bring this along so they can keep worked muscles warm following their session.
The staff are trained in pool water management. Both the pool and treadmill water is sanitised using controlled levels of Bromine and is tested every day, ensuring that they are filtered and sanitised correctly at all times.


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