Hydrotherapy is therapeutic exercise in warm water. It is used as part of an overall rehabilitation programme to help enhance healing and aid recovery following injury or surgery, improving muscle tone and fitness. Crosslands Hydrotherapy Centre, established in 2009, benefits from a heated, filtered and sanitised hydrotherapy pool and an aquatic treadmill giving us a safe and controlled environment to rehabilitate and mobilise your dog.

img0102In many cases hydrotherapy can help to promote early return to normal activity. In cases where return to normal activity is unachievable, it may help to prevent problems of ‘under-use’ in the affected area, for example severe muscle atrophy and stiffness. All dogs using the centre will need a referral form signed by their veterinary surgeon confirming that the dog is suitable for hydrotherapy. These are available on request from Crosslands. Veterinary referral forms provide us with an accurate diagnosis of the clinical condition being treated, but they also give the vet the opportunity to bring any ongoing medical treatment and relevant history to our attention.img0103

Crosslands Hydrotherapy Centre is a member of the CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association), which regulates and controls the standards of hydrotherapy centres across the UK. As hydrotherapy is considered to be a complimentary treatment, pet insurance may help to cover the cost. Most insurance companies require hydrotherapy centres to have full CHA membership in order for clients to claim from their pet insurance plans.

What conditions can benefit from hydrotherapy?

Post Surgery

Rebuilding muscle and improving joint motion following
– Orthopaedic surgery
– Neurological cases involving surgery

Pre- surgery hydrotherapy can aid cardiovascular fitness and help strengthen muscles, possibly aiding a faster recovery post surgery (N.B Crosslands will not swim dogs pre-surgery if there is instability in injured areas.)

General Management

Prevent muscle wastage and stiffness for non-surgical cases
– Arthritis
– Hip & Elbow Dysplasia
– Restricted exercise due to illness
– Degenerative conditions

Obesity & weight management

Strengthens muscles and improves cardiovascular fitness
– Little or no impact on joints
– Works in conjunction with your dogs prescribed diet and exercise programme. 

General fitness
 Conditioning or maintaining fitness levels
– Useful for working and agility dogs during ‘off season’ periods
– Maintains cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone
Learn to swim
 To help teach dogs to swim and gain confidence in the water.
– Puppies will need to be at least 6 months of age, unless referred for medical reasons.
– In all cases, the centre still requires veterinary authorisation before swimming can commence.

As every dog is different, there are cases where hydrotherapy may not be suitable. Your veterinary surgeon will be able to advise you on appropriate rehabilitation methods for your dog.